May 9, 2009

TurtleFest 2009

Today, we went to the Bass Lake TurtleFest Celebration. It was an exhibition about native turtle species in North Carolina. There were several conservation groups showing off their turtles, salamanders, frogs and snakes. We got to pet a few box turtles and yellow belly sliders. Riley was fascinated with them and despite the turtles' obvious discomfort tried to grab legs, heads, tails and whatever else she could reach.

We met up with Bryson's family and Carly & Kevin came along with us. We even ran into our friend Hannah and her mom. 

It was a lot of fun, but SO crowded and HOT! We stayed about an hour and then had to leave. Peanut's good mood only lasts so long. As you can see from the last photos, there was a bit of a meltdown as we were leaving. That didn't stop us from getting some pictures of baby turtles!

After a short nap in the car, we grilled out with Carly & Kevin. It's so nice to have the sunshine back!

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brandileigh2003 said...

Looks like a great time!!!