September 25, 2008

Family Time

Whew it has been a crazy week! We've had a lot of family visiting this past week and little peanut is completely worn out. However, it has been wonderful seeing everyone.

Last weekend Grandma Cotton and Aunt Lisa stayed with us. It was fabulous! We walked around the farmer's market on Saturday. Had a big family dinner cookout including Aunt Carly, Uncle Kevin and Makayla. There were tons of kisses and hugs shared with Riley. It was sad to see everyone leave on Sunday.

Then, on Tuesday, Mamie and Papa showed up! It had been a long time since they had seen the peanut. She's changed so much! Again, it was wonderful to have family around. It was like having an extra set of hands and eyes to keep watch over the baby. I didn't know what to do with myself with all that free time! We even got to go out for a baby-free dinner.

There was so much excitement the past few days that we are all completely worn out. This weekend will be one for resting up and snuggling inside a warm house!

September 18, 2008

We did it!

Peanut rolled over from her back to her tummy this morning. She's been practicing for the past 3 weeks or so by rolling onto her side. Well, I put her down this morning on her activity mat and went into the kitchen to help get Ian off to work. A few minutes later, Ian went in to check on her and called back to me, "Are we doing tummy time this morning?"

"Huh? No..."

Sure enough, she'd flipped herself onto her tummy and was struggling a little to get one arm out from under her. Ian put her on her back again while I went to get his bagel out of the toaster. Don't you know it, she rolled over again while I was in the kitchen!

She's done it since then for me, but Ian got to witness it first. I'm so glad he went into work a little late this morning!

I promised pictures!

September 11, 2008

Off to the city!

I've been a little remiss about posting updates these past two weeks. That's because we travelled over Labor Day weekend (Pictures are coming, I promise.) and are just now getting back to our normal rhythm. Just in time to head out again this weekend. (sigh!)

Riley will finally get to meet her cousin Sasha. We'll be heading up to DC this weekend to visit with Uncle Terry and his family. We are very excited to meet Sasha, but make no promises on our sleep schedule as it has been erratic all week. It can make for some long days, but smiles and laughter are what keep us going.

More to come soon!