September 10, 2010

Labor Day Catch Up

We've been busy the past couple of weeks between doctors' appointments and fitting in some much needed family time. We made a family pact to not go anywhere this last month before the new baby arrives and it has been so nice to not be travelling or have any other obligations.

Labor Day weekend was quiet for the first time in a long time. We ran some errands, strolled down Historic Apex, hit the parks and just plain hung out with each other. It's been great. While we explored old town Apex, we found two new favorite shops! Common Grounds is a fabulous little coffee shop located in a renovated, historic building just across the street from the local fire department. We enjoyed a quick coffee break while Riley tried to outsmart Daddy in a game of chess.

Our other new favorite was the Blue Tiger Gifts just next door to Common Grounds. They had an eclectic range of gifts including silver, mod decor, jewelry, kids toys/books/clothes and kitchen decor. The woman working there was such a treat. She entertained Riley by showing her all their wind up toys while Daddy and I got to stroll through the store. They had some really fantastic pieces. I think we'll be visiting again soon for some holiday shopping!

The weather has finally cooled down some and we've been enjoying time outside, which has been rare for us with this North Carolina summer! We made it out to Crowder Park to see the turtles and re-discovered Riley's fascination with slides. She had to go down EVERY slide we came across during our walk around the lake. We saw TONS to turtles and even spied two humongous snapping turtles in the water. Lots of fish to count, too!

We are looking forward to even cooler weather as fall approaches. Apple season is closing in on us and we just might make it out to Millstone Creek Orchards this weekend for some late summer apples. We'll be sure to bring the camera and get some good pictures if we do!