February 21, 2010

Nine Weeks

We had our first appointment with the obstetrician this past Thursday. It was very exciting to get our first look at our little bean in there. Everything looks perfect. The baby was measuring right on target and had a steady, healthy heart rate of 169 bpm.

I am doing pretty well. The nausea and fatigue have really been kicking my butt. It seems to be worse than the first pregnancy, but I'm trying hard to push through it. Really, it could be much worse and I know that strong symptoms usually mean a strong pregnancy.

Ian has been a wonderfully supportive husband, letting me sleep as much as I can during the weekends and taking charge with Riley. I couldn't ask for a better partner.

Speaking of the peanut, Riley is getting to be quite the big girl. She's talking in phrases now and repeats almost ANYTHING Ian or I say. She knows most of her body parts, animal sounds, some colors and has started counting. Currently, she can get to four on her own. She's become a climbing queen and loves to scale the chairs, tables, couches and best of all - mommy and daddy's bed where she can jump up and down to her little heart's delight.