September 18, 2008

We did it!

Peanut rolled over from her back to her tummy this morning. She's been practicing for the past 3 weeks or so by rolling onto her side. Well, I put her down this morning on her activity mat and went into the kitchen to help get Ian off to work. A few minutes later, Ian went in to check on her and called back to me, "Are we doing tummy time this morning?"

"Huh? No..."

Sure enough, she'd flipped herself onto her tummy and was struggling a little to get one arm out from under her. Ian put her on her back again while I went to get his bagel out of the toaster. Don't you know it, she rolled over again while I was in the kitchen!

She's done it since then for me, but Ian got to witness it first. I'm so glad he went into work a little late this morning!

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Tracy said...

Congrats! I know how proud you both are, I am flad Ian was there. I know how Derek feels when he misses out. I hope it does not wake her up at night. If so that to shall pass. We had a great time today!