May 6, 2009

First Word

Riley said her first real word last night (other than Mama and Daddeeeee!). While trying vainly to get some work done on the computer, my little peanut was tugging at my pants leg, waving her arms to get my attention. When I finally looked down at her, she smiled and said, "Up!" 

She repeated it for Daddy when he got home and is using it constantly this morning. I imagine we'll be hearing it a lot as the week continues. Her need to be held has gotten to be a tale of legends. Seriously. I did laundry, read a book, tended the garden and watered plants all while carrying this 20lb child on my hip.

As a note, I KNOW that I'm way behind on my blogging. I promise pictures today and an synopsis of the very awesome birthday party we had for Riley a week and a half ago. I swear.

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