July 1, 2008

Playdate with a Goose!

Carly and Micaela came over for a playdate today. It was awesome to have some company. Micaela was a little shy at first, but she was eager to hold the baby. And she wasn't playing either! This kid had a grip like a vice. Riley wasn't so sure about the bear hug. Luckily, Micaela's got tough skin so when the baby started crying, she just handed her back to the adults. Smart kid!
The day was gorgeous and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to spend some time outside. We headed out to Bass Lake to soak in some sunshine and found a few friends. A couple of Canadian Geese and their brood were out and about. Luckily, we remembered to bring some bread crumbs to share. Or rather, Micaela did. Riley slept through most of it and was much more concerned about eating than any geese that might be wandering by.

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