July 1, 2008

Bath time

We've been working on a better night time sleep schedule for Riley these past two weeks. One thing we've been told to try is setting up a routine. For us, it has been giving Riley a bath at 8pm, rubbing in some lotion, putting her into pajamas and then rocking her to sleep. She has surprised us by really liking her baths. Although, she's not so sure about putting her feet in the water. She insists on holding them up.

So far, the routine is working. Bath time makes her happy and a happy Riley means everyone wins!


Nate! said...

I freaking love the top picture of Riley. She looks... concerned.

Anne-Marie said...

Either that, or she's getting ready to leave us a "present".

Nate! said...

Who doesn't like presents? Eh? Eh??