July 16, 2008

We Survived

It happens to the best of us and when it's least expected. We think we're doing great, smooth sailing and then it happens. We become horrible mothers.

For me, that moment came this morning. I was nursing Riley when I noticed her nails were getting a little long. Usually, I just bite them off because she isn't still enough to do it any other way, but lately she's been rejecting that and pulls and cries. So, I decided to just tear them off, like the pediatrician instructed us to do. We did this when she was much smaller, but I'd gotten lazy and the biting thing worked so much better. Besides, they're paper-thin as it is and easy enough to do. Right?

So, nail in hand, baby nursing and quiet, pull nail edge and tear. Nothing to it. Except that the ENTIRE nail came with it!! Well, almost the entire nail, anyway. It's there, hanging on by an edge.

Gasp! Gulp! Oh my GOD! I just tore my daughter's nail off her finger. The WHOLE nail! She's screaming now, I'm freaking out and I'm starting to feel sick to my stomach.

A quick trip to the doctor's office for him to tell me that everything is fine. The nail will eventually fall off and a new one will grow back in a few months. Heart attack averted, but still sweating and nauseous.

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Tracy said...

You are not a horrible mother! I would have cried like a baby. I had my mom cut his nails the first time so I could watch-like I have not cut my nails a thousand times. The second time I cut Bryson's nails I pitched him, He did not cry but I did.