January 24, 2009

Nine Months!

No, I'm not pregnant! Riley turned 9 months old on Wednesday and we visited the doctor on Thursday for her wellness exam. She's 17 lbs, 14 oz and 27.5 inches. At her last visit in October, Peanut was 15 lbs, 1.5 oz and 26 inches long. She's growing at a steady pound per month. She' has started to get up on her knees and rock back and forth. Not yet crawling but she's trying hard. Peanut's gotten really good at scooting backwards.

We've been really busy the past couple of weeks. Seems like that's the story of our life since Christmas! A couple of weeks ago, mom and dad joined a new gym as part of their New Year's resolution (sort of). Mom's been making a big effort to go 3-4 days per week. She's even teamed up with another mom for motivation. There's an awesome child center for Peanut to stay in and she hardly knows when Mom leaves her alone there. 

We spent a week at Grandma & PawPaw Cotton's two weeks ago. Daddy was in Atlanta for work and Mom felt she needed an extra hand or two. It was wonderful seeing everyone. Sonny and Lexi were very excited to see their cousin again and spent lots of time playing with her. All three of them took a bath together most every night we were there.  Grandma just loved all the time she got to spend holding little miss Riley and mom enjoyed the help!

This past week we've been busy with the gym and two playdates.  We haven't been to a playdate in over a month so it was good to get out again and see some old friends. Yesterday was an awesome day over at Brandi's house. She hosted a playdate with Tracy, Liz and Mom. It was good to see Katie, Bryson and Hannah. 

Bryson hiding under the coffee table.

Bryson's already cruising around!

Liz and Hannah w/Bryson.

(Pictures of playdate snagged from Brandi's and Tracy's blogs.)

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Tracy said...

It was so much fun seeing you both! I thought it was so funny when Riley was looking at him under the table...playing peek a boo!