January 26, 2009

Life & Science Museum

This past Saturday, we went to the Museum of Life and Science with Carly, Kevin and Makayla. We had an awesome time looking at big, creepy bugs; building with blocks; playing with mini tornadoes; watching how sound and movement work and being surrounded by beautiful butterflies. There was a train, drums, a huge jungle gym and a farm (complete with donkey, pig, goats, sheep, turkey, duck and cows. And we didn't even make it to the 2nd floor of the main building!

Riley was so good for the whole day. We didn't get to the museum until 12:30. Peanut had already been up for a couple of hours at that point. (She did catnap on the way there after a 2 hour morning nap.) Still, we didn't leave the museum until 3:30, well past her usual afternoon nap time. She seemed to enjoy the exhibits and watched everything. Most of the time, she was more interested in the other kids than what the museum had to offer. 

We'll definitely be going back this year!


Tracy said...

I would love to go some time. Glad she had a good day!

Anne-Marie said...

You let me know when you want to make the trip and Riley and I will go! We really loved it and I think Bryson would get a kick out of it. Adults were $11 and kids under 6 were free (I think).

brandileigh2003 said...

That does sound like a lot of fun!! Tell me if you arrange the trip :)