December 16, 2008


Just a quick update on peanut... Yesterday, she learned how to make a kissing sound. I would have totally missed it if someone else hadn't pointed it out to me. She's so adorable and what makes it so funny is that there's no association with it at all. She just plays with her toys sucking on her lips like there's no tomorrow. I've been trying to show her how to "blow" kisses, but she's not that interested in it yet.

Riley has been feeding herself like a champ recently. This past couple of weeks, we've been introducing finger foods like bananas, green beans, graham crackers (which she's been eating for months now really) and corn puffs. The corn puffs are gerber graduates snacks and they come in a ton of different flavors and shapes. Her favorite right now is a gerber snack that has a ranch flavor to it. It's called dipped veggies and even mom likes it!

Peanut's getting better at sitting on her own. I can now set her down on the floor with some toys and she's happy playing by herself for a few minutes. I do have to make sure she's isn't in a position where she could fall and land on something. She's already smacked her head on the foot of her jumper. That went over real well!

She isn't crawling yet, but she is getting better at pushing up off the floor. Earlier today I could have sworn she was so far off the ground that her weight was actually on her knees, but it was hard to tell and lasted a split second. Mostly, she waves her arms around like she's swimming and lifts her chest up high. It has to be the best work out the child has ever gotten. I can't imagine putting my body into that position for any amount of time!

Christmas is around the corner and we can't wait to be with our families. The Kaden's are coming for a short visit next Sunday/Monday. After that, we're off to Richmond next Tuesday for the rest of the week. It will be a whirlwind holiday, but we are so excited to share it with Peanut! In the spirit of the holidays, I leave you with this:

Twas the Night Before Christmas...Mom Style
© By Catherine Cornell

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the abode,
Only one creature was stirring, she was cleaning the commode.
The children were sleeping, all snug in their beds,
While visions of X-box 360 and IPODS flipped through their heads.

Dad was snoring in front of the family TV
With a half-constructed bike propped up on his knee.
So only Mom heard the reindeer hooves clatter,
Which made her sigh, 'Now what's the matter?'

With toilet brush still clutched in her hand,
She descended the stairs and saw an old man
All covered with soot, which fell with a shrug

'Oh great,' muttered Mom, 'now I have to clean up the rug.'

'Ho! Ho! Ho!' cried Santa, 'I'm glad you're awake---
My gift to you was especially difficult to make.'
'Thanks Santa, but all I want is time alone.'
'Exactly!' he chuckled, 'so I've made you a clone.'

'A clone?' she muttered. 'What good is that?'
Now run along Santa, I've no time to chat.'
Then out walked the clone, the dear mother's twin,
Same hair and same eyes, the same double chin.

'She'll cook and she'll dust, she'll mop every mess,
You'll relax, take it easy, watch the Young and Restless.'
'Fantastic!' mom cheered, 'My dream has come true!'
'I'll shop and I'll read and I'll sleep the night through!'

From the room up above, the youngest did fret.
'Mommy come quickly----I'm scared and I'm wet!'
The clone replied, 'I'm coming sweetheart.'
'WOW!' the mom smiled. 'She sure knows her part.'

The clone changed the small one and sung him a tune
As she bundled him up in a blanket cocoon.
'You're the best mommy ever---I really love you!'
The clone smiled and said, 'I love you too!'

The real mom frowned and said 'Santa , no deal!
That's my baby's love that she's trying to steal.'
Smiling wisely Santa said, 'To me it's so clear,
Only one loving mother is needed right here.'

The mom kissed her child and tucked him in bed,
'Thank you so much, dear Santa, for clearing my head',
Knowing time goes too fast ,and it won't be too long,
That her children will no longer need her cradle nor song,

The clock on the mantle then began to chime;
Santa whispered to the clone, 'It works every time.'
And with the clone at his side, Santa said,' Goodnight
Merry Christmas, dear mom, you will be all right!'

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Tracy said...

I love that verson...
Merry Christmas!!!