August 22, 2008

Quick Update

We seem to be over our collective colds these days. The funk was passed from Riley to Mom and then to Dad, but everyone seems to have recovered quickly.

We've taken on cloth diapers full time and officially "switched" last week. It really is a lot easier than imagined. Aside from the extra loads of laundry its no different than using the disposables. Even Dad's caught on!

Developmentally, Peanut is working on her hand control. She's starting to bring things towards her mouth and grip items with both hands. She's holding her head up better each day and can sit up with assistance. Every day she finds new sounds to make and tests them out. Recently, it's been a very high pitch squeal that varies in volume.

We tried our first solid food on Wednesday - bananas. The spoon is a new feeling and she doesn't care for it being too cold. Oh the faces she makes! It's still early and she mostly pushes the food around in her mouth. But, today she managed to swallow most of it and even started opening her mouth when the spoon came near. I don't think we're too far off.

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LeMira said...

Wow! With our next one, I know who to call to see if I can save some money and go green with cloth diapers. You'll be my mentor!