August 7, 2008

Going Green!

Today, we are wearing our very first cloth diaper! After some soul searching and the realization that disposable diapers are far more expensive, we've decided to give cloth a try. Not only are they cheaper in the long run ($400 vs. $2400 over 2 years time), but they are so much better for the environment.

And, just as easy to use!

There are so many options out there not only in brands of diapers but also in styles (AIOs, fitteds, prefolds, pockets, AI2s, fleece, wool, microfiber, microterry, hemp, cotton - the list goes on), colors and patterns. We've chosen our first six diapers as a trial run. Three BumGenius 3.0 diapers and three Happy Heineys. If they work out and everyone can use them without trouble, we'll hopefully be ordering more soon!

It's sad how excited I can get about diapers these days.


LeMira said...

Yea for blogs!! I'm so glad you put a link on the family site for Riley. She's so darling. You'll have to keep us updated on how the cloth diaper thing goes. I'm not sure I can stand the smell of the diaper pail. I had a hard enough time with the diaper genie for disposables, but I'm willing to consider other ways to help save my pocketbook and the good green earth.

Anne-Marie said...

The cloth diapers are going wonderfully! I love them. There really isn't much of an odor unless you're sticking your face in the bag of diapers. Now, keep in mind that Riley is still only breastfed. I can imagine what it will be like once she starts eating solids. Still, cloth diapering is so much easier than I envisioned. I'm so pleased with it!