October 28, 2009

Animal Sounds

Last weekend we drove out to see the Tice's again. This time, to help put up some fencing.

Riley thoroughly enjoyed all of the animals on their little farm. She was once again mesmerized by the chickens. (I'm starting to see a brood of chicks in our future.) The cats, however, seem to be her favorite. She chased the kittens around all weekend trying to pet them. She was surprisingly gentle with them and would bend down to look in their face and just giggle. Too bad Ian's allergic and I don't like cats... Riley wasn't sure of the dogs; they're still too jumpy and fast for her to feel comfortable around. But mom's favorite part...? We finally got Riley on a horse and rode around the yard for a bit. She seemed to enjoy it and wasn't afraid - so long as mom was up there with her!

Our camera is broken, so we didn't get any pictures. Hopefully, we'll get the few we took with Rachel's camera soon to post. Until then...

Here's Riley practicing her animal sounds!

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