September 3, 2009

Another Busy Week

We've been having a great time with all of our playdates this week. Tuesday we hit up the local Community Center for open gym time with some friends. They open the gym up to kids, throw out some balls and let 'em have at it! There were only about six of us there, but we had a blast!

Wednesday we attended an all-ages playdate at our friend Stacy's. She's so generous that she allows all of us (at least 15 moms and twice that many kids) to invade her home and run rampant through her backyard. It's always chaotic and always fun!

Today, we went to Java Divine for some more Stacy Clearman's Littleland. Here's just a little taste of what his show is like.

Riley is finally starting to enjoy herself at these shows (every Thursday @ 10am) and even got up out of my lap today to dance. In fact, halfway through the show, she made her way up to stand right beside Stacy. She was infatuated with the guitar. Uh-oh!

Tomorrow, we're headed out to visit with Rachel and little Gregory. We get to spend the next four days with them and can't wait to see how much Gregory has changed. Ian will be hosting his annual Geekend with the guys here at the house. We'll be glad to be out of their hair for a bit, but will miss Daddy lots!

Next week, we'll be headed out to the beach to spend some time with our friends Liz & Mark and their daughter Hannah. Can't wait to be on the sand!

Off to go finish packing and feed peanut some dinner!

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