August 20, 2009


It's been quiet around here lately without much to post about. The past few weeks have been oppresively hot down here in NC and we've been holed up inside in the air conditioning. Today, however, we got out to see Stacy's Littleland, a live music show for kids put on every Thursday morning at a local coffee shop. We've been a few times in the past month and Riley really seems to enjoy the music. When it's over, she climbs out of my lap and dances all over the place.

Wait, after the music, you ask? That's right. AFTER the music ends. Because during the show, when all the other kids are squealing, jumping, twirling and singing along with the music, my darling little girl is curled up in my lap, face in my chest peeking out at the show. Her eyes are intent, taking it all in, watching, listening and (I hope) enjoying all the chaos, albeit silently. Occasionally, she brings her hands together and claps with a song, or sits up a little straighter to get a better look. All the while, she is quiet and watching.

Then, when it's all over and Stacy Clearman (the singer/performer) is putting away his equipment, my previously demure daughter slides out of my lap and carefully approaches the open floor (see, all the kids have now dispersed with their parents and gone home, leaving a nice, open space in which to dance). Here is when she lets out all that pent up energy. She cruises around the floor shaking, waving her arms, screeching with delight and excitement, enticing any one of the other patrons to chase her. Please, chase her.

It is hilarious to watch her let loose like this. To see how much she really does enjoy the music, dancing and singing.

Here are a few pictures taken by friends at an earlier Littleland concert.


Tracy said...

too cute, we hate we missed it this am! I was looking forward to my muffin and hot chocolate!

Lisa said...

thanks anne-marie, i love you too...