March 9, 2009

Home again, Home again...

We spent most of last week with Matt & Rachel helping out with little Gregory. It was awesome! Taking care of two babies was a little crazy, but we managed pretty well. It's hard to believe that everyone is growing up so fast. Where I once thought Riley still looked like a baby to me, I now realize that compared to Gregory, she's a giant!

It felt strange looking at my child and seeing the toddler in her when all I could ever imagine her as was a little, tiny baby that fit inside my tummy at one point. Parenthood is a strange and complicated thing with a mix of emotions.

Gregory is doing amazing and I have nothing but praise and admiration for the job Matt & Rachel are doing. With both of them working full time, I can't imagine the pressure they are under to perform so well as parents. Their life is far different from mine and yet the same. Weird, I know. Seeing them as parents is awesome. Matt is a wonderful, adoring father and Rachel is the fabulous mother I always knew she'd be.

Riley completely enjoyed the trip. I'm sure she imparted some fantastic knowledge to Gregory on how to confound and frustrate his parents. They talked non-stop the whole week to one another. Only they know the secrets that transpired. Riley was awed by all the animals. Between the dogs, cats, chickens, cows and fish (in the pond), she had lots to occupy her attention. More than a few hairs were pulled from the dogs and cats. Fortunately, she's not yet old enough to go after the chickens, but I can only imagine the fun she'd have in trying.

I should have some pictures up soon!

Here they are!

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Anonymous said...

We were very happy (and appreciative) to have you... thanks again! I posted one picture so far:

I'll let you know when the next official G-man website update is live. Looking forward to seeing all three of you soon!