October 13, 2008

Visit at Grandma Cotton's

We spent almost a week at Grandma Cotton's. We were there Thursday through Tuesday week before last. It was so great seeing everyone. As you can see from the pictures below, our little peanut had quite the time!

Grandma's tub was a little too big for bathing a peanut, so we resorted to taking baths in the kitchen sink. It was the perfect size!

Grandma introduced Riley to her first bite of apple. She really liked sucking on it and even managed to get off a bite or two.

Lexi and Sonny "read" the Itsy Bitsy Spider to Riley with a little help from Aunt Ashley!

Here, Sonny and Lexi are digging a hole in which to bury their peach pits and grow a giant peach tree.

Only, no one told them they would find a few friends along the way! Of course, Lexi was the brave one to pick up all the worms to show us!!

Sonny was her best pal. We walked to the bus stop in the morning and again in the afternoon for the school bus. He would give her a hug and a kiss right away as soon as he saw her. They spent hours blowing raspberries at each other and he loves to make her squeal. Here they are during a heated squealing match at dinner time!

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LeMira said...

Leave it to a girl to be the brave one!